Who We Are?

The Jreamwriter® Young Global Citizens Program, Inc. (TJYGCP, est. 2008) is a 501(c)3 faith-based tax-exempt non-profit organization that exists to create, sponsor, and foster creative arts-education therapies, programs and initiatives that spearhead and eliminate the underlying factors and provocations of domestic abuse and suicidal ideations - spiritual and societal ills that no longer have to destroy the lives of women, children and families in our local and global communities.  WE HAVE DOMINION IN THE EARTH TO CHANGE THIS!

Our Goal

Target:  Women, children and families

Extending our hearts in love and charity, implementing the modalities of global citizenship and creative-arts-education therapies, our goals are to:
  • provide a positive arts-focused expressive outlet for youth, teens and youth adults;
  • provide family crisis/victim assistance interventions that put an immediate stop to domestic violence and other forms of physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual and/or psychological abuses;
  • reduce/eliminate homelessness;
  • provide food for the hungry;
  • create social enterprises that reduce joblessness;
  • and, empower disadvantaged families and households with tools and resources that help them rise out of the depression, despair, and poverty.

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