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Our organization The Jreamwriter® Young Global Citizens Program, Inc. (TJYGCP, Inc. est. 2008) is a 501(c)3, faith-based, non-denominational, non-profit organization that exists to create, sponsor, and foster creative arts-education therapies, programs and global citizenship initiatives geared to remedy our world of social ills by eliminating the underlying factors and provocateurs that cause them.  Our goal in Hawaii, our nation, and around the world is to eliminate the social ills that debilitate our society. 

Social ills (or depravities that deteriorate morals, ethics and positive customs and norms in a society) are statistically linked to negative thoughts and behavior patterns that, when left unaddressed, far too often snare affected souls into a life lost to miscreant behavior(s), feelings of depression and hopelessness, and suicidal ideations; which can often result in cruelty, incarceration, violence such as physical, sexual, psychological and emotional abuses, and even death. Social ills affect more than a singular oppressed victim.  Hopelessness and a lack of love – “ALOHA” – oppresses, burdens, and affects ALL OF US. Social ills are often contagious and can blight individuals, families, communities, businesses, education, government, healthcare, judiciaries, finance, domestic and foreign relations, the environment, arts, entertainment, and even the very reputation of a culture!  The very heart of a nation and land can be blighted when hope, faith and love are abandoned, neglected, underutilized, or otherwise not put into action as a remedy. Faith, hope, and love are virtues that should be the core fundamental elements motivating every action, initiative, or work.  These virtues breed RESPECT; respect for self and respect for others.  To this end, TJYGCP purposes itself to eliminate hate and blight from all facets of our society; one “Creative Arts for A CauseTM” project at a time.

Can we count on you to help us? We cannot spearhead change without the love and support of concerned members of our world like YOU. Consider us in your tax-deductible giving today, and mahalo nui loa for all that you do!



“Creative Arts for a CauseTM”:  To restore hope and a bright future to the nations by setting a positive example of what can be accomplished when loving-kindness employs the art of creation and global citizenship to write a new story that brings forth goodness, love, charity, and ALOHA in the Earth.


To be a leading world changing organization that combines creative arts and good works in all faculties of life so that future generations inherit a good and better world.

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